What is the Delaware Winter Weather Blog?

 The Delaware Winter Weather Blog is a site that will focus on Winter weather in the State of Delaware and its surrounding areas. Posts will focus primarily on winter events such as snow storms, cold snaps, nor’easters, and unusual weather events within the State of Delaware.

About the author?

I am a lifelong resident of the State of Delaware. I live in central Delaware and work in northern Delaware. I have been an enthusiast of weather ever since I have been a kid. Although I enjoy the Tropical Storm season and good Thunderstorms, I prefer the excitement around watching a Winter storm develop.

For the past seven years I have taken part in discussion groups with other Winter weather enthusiasts and meteoroligists. I enjoy the in-depth discussion that goes much farther than what you see on The Weather Channel forecast. I have learned a great deal in that time.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of this blog is to provide commentary about a Winter event outside of the typical media coverage (TV, Radio, The Weather Channel) that the general public receives. Posts will focus on Winter events as they appear on Weather Forecast Models. The posts will focus on when cold snaps are expected, highlight the potential for snowfall in the area, and provide analysis of weather events as they occur, including photos and observation posts.

What this blog is NOT?

This blog is not to be used for any official weather prediction. The author has no official meteorology background and everything that is written is pure speculation and opinion. This blog should not be used as a tool to protect life, property, or make any weather related decisions.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi,
    I grew up in Delaware and the single most dramatic weather event I experienced was a major snow storm/blizzard in the late ’70s, which caused us to be out of school for an entire week. I think it was in late January 1977 but I am not sure. Do you know or remember such a weather event and its date?


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